Sunday, June 28, 2009


You can call me the Red State Blogger. I am hear to help all those suffering from Red State Blues. Who am I speaking for? Well, if you are in a state that went for Bush twice, and you think the people around you are off their collective rockers, you might have Red State Blues. If you feel like the only person in your town who had an Obama yard sign, you might have Red State Blues. If your friends got excited when McCain picked Palin as his running mate, and you were scratching your head in confusion, you might have Red State Blues. Hear me now. You are not alone. There is help. Together we can offer support. Together we can heal! We are not here to fight with right-wingers. We've learned to be polite. After all, we are surrounded by them every day of our lives. We are just here to find one place in our lives where no one watches Fox news. We are here to create a haven where no one pushes on us a book by Ann Coulter. We are here to converse with people who see Glenn Beck's mental breakdown for what it is. So if you're a fan of the Daily Show and no one around you gets it, relax. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and tell a like-minded friend (that is if you can find one). If you have Red State Blues, the cure is finally here.

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