Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

As all patriots know, today is our national birthday. To some of us, this means much more than cook outs and fireworks. As you enjoy the food and frolicks I would encourage us all to take a little time to be thankful for the liberty we have in this country. It was very hard won and could slip away so easily. We must guard it well. We must guard it first from external threats. Those who would attack us by violence and terror must be stopped. Osama, that means you. We must guard it second from internal domestic terrorists who gun down people they disagree with even in sacred places of worship. In this country there are better ways to settle our differences. Finally we must guard it from those who would take it from us by exploiting our fears. Those who tell us that tapping our phones without cause and torturing people held without any trial of any kind keep us safe are wrong. That does not mean we do not fight the bad guys. It just means we do so in ways that do not betray our values. After all, it is our values of freedom and justice for all that make us who we are. So wave that flag, and be proud to be an American. If you find yourself singing "God Bless the USA" belt it out and don't feel corny. We live in a great nation. Let us work together to make it even better. Happy 4th of July!

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